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Has Apple lost their grip with iPhone sales?

Has Apple lost their grip with iPhone sales?

What if people fall out of love with the iPhone and stop buying Apple’s smartphone? With so much of Apple’s business built around the handsets, any sustained fall in sales would not be welcome inside Cupertino. Unfortunately for Apple the evidence points to just that scenario.

The total volume of 2016 shipments of the new iPhone 7 family in Q1 was 74.78 million phones, that’s slightly higher than its previous predecessor (iPhone 6s) of 74.47 million handsets. Looks like the attractive dual-lens nature of the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung’s teething troubles with the rival Note 7 phablet bringing in more consumers.

Every product launch is different and every launch will have something that dilutes the power of a direct comparison.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are selling in numbers that any other smartphone manufacturer would desire, but the trend that Apple revealed back in its Q1 2016 earnings call is continuing. We are past peak iPhone, Apple’s smartphone sales are falling … Can iPhone 7 be the one to rescue the giant from Cupertino?

This week as part of #MakeoverMonday, we analise iPhone sales since the first mobile phone in 2007.

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This is 7 … and might be the one to bring Apple back on track

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