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The Pre-Conference Compendium : #Data17

I’ll be attending my first Tableau conference in a few weeks. Excitement levels haven’t really subsided since I confirmed my place back in March, but in recent weeks they’ve gone up a notch since the pre-conference community blog posts have started to appear.

I’ve been lapping up each and every single one, and whilst many of them carry advice from those who’ve attended in previous years, not all of it is the same. Since I’m not yet in a position to share any advice, however, I instead thought I could serve a purpose by collating all of the useful posts I’ve come across and provide links to them here in order that others might benefit.

If you’re aware of any others, please add a comment below or tweet me @mtedw and I will add them to the list for others to benefit from.

#Data17 Blogs
These blog posts are all #data17 specific, offering tips on planning, clothing and etiquette etc. Most recent additions appear at the top:


Blogs from #Data16 and before
These blogs were written either ahead of, or retrosepctives on, previous conferences, but much of the content and advice may still be appropriate:

  • Paul Chapman ( – “always have a plan B”
  • Jonathan Drummey ( – “don’t skip the keynotes”
  • Tiffany Spaulding (linkedin) – “leave the laptop in your hotel”

See you in Vegas!

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Mark Edwards

A statistician at heart, Mark’s approach is always numbers-led. Already visualising data in other side-projects, Mark was introduced to the world of Tableau in 2016, when he and Pablo started working together in UK financial services. A keen participant in social Tableau challenges, Mark is building his skills and appreciation of clean and simple visuals, discovering interesting and untapped data sets, a path that has already led to a new career and a range of further opportunities. Mark is a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional, a Tableau Social Ambassador and an annual attendee of the Tableau Conference in the US.


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