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The DataViz Podcast Directory

I’m a mad podcast addict; I subscribe to over 30 different podcasts and always half a long queue of potential listening material. New ones come along all the time and I have to make room for them in my life. It used to be the case that half of them related to soccer, but those have recently had to make way for other interests, or more informative podcasts.

But I do find that much of my listening material comes in clusters – there are groups of different podcasts on similar subjects. Recently I was introduced to a new data podcast that made me realise that these represent a significant cluster now, so much so that I wanted to catalogue them for others to stumble upon. I also hope that by creating this directory, others might also be able to share those that they listen to, and we can collectively spread the word. Please add a comment, or tweet to @mtedw with suggestions of other podcasts to add to this list.

So, here’s my first pass at a DataViz Podcast Directory. To qualify, ideally the subject matter will concern Data Visualisation at least in part, and be available to subscribe to using an RSS feed, and for free. They’re listed in the reverse order that I came across them, with the newest ones towards the top.

DataViz Today
Alli Torban
Feed url:
Description: NEW!! Only one episode to go on so far, but Alli threatens to hit us with two episodes every week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s billed as being “for analysts & journalists who are striving to make an impact with data visualizations” and “to see how the top designers are transforming data into action”.

Present Beyond Measure
Lea Pica
Feed url:
Description: A podcast described as being “at the intersection of presentation, data visualization, and analytics”, I listened to a couple of episodes of this shortly before giving (what was for me) a major presentation, and took away some great tips. With two years of archive episodes but still fresh content about once a month.

What | So What | Now What
Ravi Mistry & Tim Ngwena
Feed url:
Description: Billed as a series about “Data and tech”, Ravi and Tim cover a range of topics with data always in the backdrop. These are not technical by nature – for instance, the first episode covers the topic of goal-setting, but spoken from the minds of those immersed in data-centric roles. I’m excited to see what else these guys have in store for us.

Kirill Eremenko
Feed url:
Description: Interviews with an extremely broad range of people from the world of data, across various platforms and perspectives.

storytelling with data podcast
Cole Knaflic
Feed url:
Description: Extending from her book to audio material, Cole’s podcast takes a theme each week and lays down her perspective with real thought and consideration, clear messaging and simple take-aways. Recently added a listener Q+A, too.

Data Stories
Enrico Bertini & Mortiz Stefaner
Feed url:
Description: David Pires introduced me to this one. Billed as “a podcast on data and how it affects our lives”, usually taking the form of interviews from the wider data-centric community and not specialising purely on data visualisation, but often with a nod towards it.

The PolicyViz Podcast
John Schwabish
Feed url:
Description: I’m a total John Schwabish obsessive – he blogs incessantly and always has some brilliant data visualisation guests on his podcast, with some stellar names among his interviewees.

Podcast Your Data
Interworks (various hosts)
Feed url:
Description: Usually Tableau-centric, a podcast put together by various members of the Interworks team. A real variety of content offering something for everyone.

The Tableau WannaBe Podcast
Emily Kund & Matt Francis
Feed url:
Description: Thoroughly Tableau-centric, this has a lot of community focus and the guys often review and discuss product features, along with interviews with Tableau execs, Zen Masters and Ambassadors alike.

More or Less: Behind the Stats
Tim Harford (+ ensemble)
Feed url:
Description: Led by Tim Harford, More or Less is more a podcast about numbers, but have many relevant overlaps for those in the Data Viz world who need to consider the many perils and pitfalls of handling data responsibly. Usually takes a recent news item and scratches below the surface to uncover the statistical legitimacy of certain claims.

On a related note, I’d also like to direct readers towards a few other useful directories:

Rebecca Roland put together a brilliant Tableau Assistant Directory, with great links to an array of resources for every Tableau user, from data sets to colour tools and maps.

And Jeff Plattner has begun a Tips Directory to compile great advice, chart type by chart type.

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About The Author

Mark Edwards

A statistician at heart, Mark’s approach is always numbers-led. Already visualising data in other side-projects, Mark was introduced to the world of Tableau in 2016, when he and Pablo started working together in UK financial services. A keen participant in social Tableau challenges, Mark is building his skills and appreciation of clean and simple visuals, discovering interesting and untapped data sets, a path that has already led to a new career and a range of further opportunities. Mark is a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional, a Tableau Social Ambassador and an annual attendee of the Tableau Conference in the US.

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