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May 2019

Tableau data viz debate – May 2019

Last night we hosted the third London Tableau User Group of 2019 with two amazing speakers who had an epic debate on data visualisation. Both, Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk went face-to-face on seven #DataViz topics !

It was such a great evening with these two heavy weights of Data Visualisation that we didn’t want you to miss any single bit so, we recorded the whole session !

So, no more writing and dive into last night’s epic #DataViz debate between Andy C and Andy K !!!

ps … Share it with your friends and coleagues !

Next Tableau User Group … May 30th

Sometimes (not always!) … I write About #DataViz !

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Pablo Gomez

Originally from Argentina, Pablo co-founded I FOR IDEAS, a Branding and Marketing company specialised on graphic design and digital content. After working in data analysis and reporting for over a decade, he was introduced to Tableau in early 2013. Always fascinated by Data and Graphic Design, Tableau was the perfect platform to combine both of his passions.

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