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Author: Mark Edwards

Making Maps Make Sense For The Reader

This week I had the utter privilege of speaking at Tiny Tableau Talks, an event run to provide public speaking opportunities for inexperienced speakers who happen to be Tableau enthusiasts. Being a Tableauphile with very few speaking events to my name, this was a fantastic opportunity for me, and Emma was very kind indeed to provide me with five minutes on a topic of my choice, and a forgiving audience of 50 or so. Here I’ve reproduced my talk in an extended, written form, and also provided links to all the resources and references along the way. Tableau is...

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Scattered Plots: Links and Likes for April 2017

I have no fewer than six POV blogposts in draft that I need to get around to finishing, and I’m desperate to turn them around, but with the advent of another month it’s time to prioritise the articles and vizzes elsewhere that caught my eye. One of the challenges with becoming more immersed in the blogosphere and following many more contributors is that it’s so much harder to keep up with all the great content, but that does also mean stumbling upon even more amazing stuff. Here’s what caught my eye during April that I’d like to share my love for: Blogs 1) Using Colour To Tell A Better Story With Data by Colin Wojtowycz (@datawoj) Colin tells the story of one of his recent Makeover Monday vizzes, in particular reference to his colour choices. This was particularly pertinent for me as almost instantly after seeing this blog I’d been listening to an old Tableau Wannabe Podcast episode with Andy Cotgreave where he talked about exactly what Colin has done, using colour in relief against a grey. This blogpost cites excerpts from a number of dataviz books, that all contribute to the theory Colin applied. 2) Reshaping Your Data In Tableau by Joshua Milligan (@vizpainter) I really love challenging myself to reshape data in Tableau to create bespoke fields and hierarchies using calculated fields. Here, however, Joshua Milligan walks...

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