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Author: Mark Edwards

The DataViz Podcast Directory

I noticed a lot of people commenting lately about various dataviz podcasts they’d listened to or discovered, and realised that there wasn’t really a good list of them in one place online. So I created one. Please suggest any that you feel are missing!

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On The Subject Of #VizGoals

A lot of excellent discussion has followed the conclusion of Tableau Conference 2017 on the subject of Viz Goals. A number of provocative sessions have brought forth some equally provocative dialogue among the Tableau Community, and Emily Kund has written a blog listing out some of her ambitions. Additionally, on Twitter the #vizgoals hashtag had been picking up pace and it prompted me to write this post. As 2016 wrapped up, Pablo suggested to me the idea of starting up a blog. I was uncertain initially, but over that Christmas break I read Neil Richards’ post about his dataviz...

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